Friday, August 31, 2012

Installing Ubuntu Tweak in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu Tweak 

At the time of writing this post Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3 is the current version.

It offers a number of bug fixes and changes as below

  * Overview of Changes
    - Add support for Linux Mint 13 (LP: #1014330)
    - Add feature to turn on/off guest accounts (LP: #1025326)
    - Add linux-image-extra to Janitor old kernel clean list (LP: #1031585)
  * Bugs fixed
    - LP: #993800 QuickList Editor lost Edits
    - LP: #1019812 Ubuntu Tweak crashes on ubuntu 12.10
    - LP: #1031741 Need to update utdata url
    - LP: #1013656 module import error and administration doesn't work
    - LP: #1014799 Tweak tab hangs with testing
    - LP: #1016199 LightDM plugin should be active if lightDM is the DM
    - LP: #1014300 Screen edges actions are reversed in right to left locals
    - LP: #1015835 Janitor crash when try to select apt cache checkbox
    - LP: #1017820 Error message when clicking on "Session indicator" 

I am listing a few screenshots and installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions
A deb package download can be obtained from
just download and run the deb to install.


The Applications centre is a good way to install apps within a new ubuntu installation. it lists down some of the most popular apps in one place. see the screenshot below.